Thursday, September 21, 2006

Girl Dreaming on Lanai

Welcome to DRAWING ON ALOHA FRIDAY! This is my new home for sketches and doodles found on the week of the post. Our first entry here is "Girl Dreaming on Lanai." It started as a morning doodle with red ball point pen on 1980 paper, followed by a background in watercolors and glazed with some matte varnish.
This piece takes me back to the days when my friends and I were in the Boy Scouts. Every summer we set up camp on the beach of Lanai. In those days, it was rare to find tourism on that island and bumping into celebrities (le: Joe Montana) was not an uncommon sight.
One summer we were treated to observe a photographer shooting a few hot swimsuit models. We watched in amazement. The photographer later snapped a picture of the women with my entire troop and said he was going to use it for the cover. In the end I don't know what it was for, or if that picture was ever used.


echoform said...

cub scouts and swimsuit models? i think marcus' cub scout troop took a similar picture on the beaches of san diego. it's one of the stories jason wouldn't mention. :)

edwinushiro said...

why Mr. Echoform? Nice blog btw. And just in case you didn't believe me...