Monday, January 08, 2007

Back into the New Year!

Well it's 2007 and things have been pretty hectic at the office. I'm always flattered to get work but it's not good for the blog. Sorry ol' friend. Enjoy this pick. She fell out from a story a friend from Tokyo told me over vacation. In this story, my friend was just about o sleep when he was approached by a vague image of a woman floating 2 FT above him. This continuously happened every night. Deprived of sleep, he was afraid he was going crazy until his wife noticed that he threw away some altar offerings left behind by the previous owners. In no time he was elbow deep in trash frantically searching for the altar offerings he discarded. It was eventually found. The next day he went to the shrine to leave the altar offerings behind and has since been snoozing comfortably.

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