Friday, July 13, 2007

Running the Loophole

Aloha. This weeks piece is for a group show I am participating in. The show is entitled, "LA Myth" and will be held at Meltdown on August 11 from 8pm-11pm. It's a little bit of an heads-up. So here's the story behind this piece:
Back on Maui, there was a man who was seen jogging along the Kahekili Highway in the wee hours before dawn. This avid jogger ran along the highway, nestled beside a macadamia nut pasture and an old Chinese graveyard. He was suddenly struck by a car instantly decapitating him. The driver, scared out of his mind, fled the scene. And with the immediacy of this incident, the jogger's spirit still lingers there. It was told to me by my ol' friend from Waihee (nearby town) that if you are approaching this area, turn your lights off and drive slow. If you are lucky, you will see him jogging there beside your car ...holding his head.

"Things He Left Fading"
Pen & Ink


echoform said...

thanks for the explaination. for a minute, i thought you were asked to design the next wheaties packaging.

Kincept said...

creepy story.. superb painting.. unique combo.. i like it.

Stuart Kim said...

That's frightening. I hope I can sleep tonight. Great work though!

edwinushiro said...

glad you guys loved the story. one friend claimed to see some foggy apparition.