Friday, August 10, 2007

Ones that Never Left

Do you remember a time when you had the chance to see all your close friends everyday? How about in the summertime when you would ride your bikes together? To pursue my art, I left all this behind. And it kinda' sucked. There are times when I would dream that I bumped into my Maui freinds in California. They would be like, "oh, yea, we thought of surprising you. We just moved right down the street." I would laugh, shake hands, give hugs, and help them move in their boxes. The next morning I think of how awesome that would have been. This piece, although depicts Chief and Takehara are also dedicated to the original Maui crew: Boss, Uehi (AKA: Stumps), Skylar, & Yoshi.

"Iao School"
Pen & Ink


echoform said...

this would make a great stamp design...for when they raise the prices again. :(

William Fenholt said...

This is amazing. It's not just a gerat drawing, but great design and atmosphere as well.

edwinushiro said...

Haha. Funny guys.