Friday, October 12, 2007

New Shows for November!!!

Here is a Kokeshi. What is it? Kokeshi is an appendage-less Japanese doll hand made out of wood. What will I paint on it? That's the secret which will be revealed on opening night at Subtext Gallery. Other artists contributing kokeshi works include: Audrey Kawasaki, Joel Nakamura, and Tessar Lo.

"Kokeshi Show"
at: Subtext Gallery
680 W. Beech St. #1
San Diego, CA 92101
Nov. 3 6pm-10pm.

Lucky me will also be in a group show entitled, "Bitters & Sweets" at Gallery 1988. It's going to be a group show curated by Attaboy and Annie Owens. I will have this big 21.5"x32.25" piece. Check it out...

"Bitters & Sweets"
at: Gallery 1988
7020 Melrose Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90038
No.6 7pm-10pm.

Oh, and this will probably be my last post for October. I'll be visiting family all around Japan. Anyone need anything?
Sayonara. Matta ne!


Anonymous said...

glow in the dark

Kinman said...

wow.. i really like that piece! the lighting really stages the action of the girl jumping rope. beautiful man..

Randy Bantog said...

cool I dig the jump rope piece.

echoform said...

have a safe trip back. hope you can do a lot of jumproping while you're there.

William Fenholt said...


shelly said... this girly piece you did..but how'd you do it? i kept looking at it and still cant figure it out..pls share.