Friday, April 25, 2008

Classmate Studies II

This week I introduce you to Tyson Nakano. Intermediate school memories get pretty fuzzy now. It's so weird to think how life was back then and the friends that surrounded you who have all but faded under a new coat of fresh paint. Tyson was a cool kid. We went through the same elementary school, grew up in the same town, and hung out at the same spots. So it was comforting for the both of us when we greeted each other on the first day of school. Exchanging class schedules and trying to figure out this new school system which pulled in kids from other parts of town. Follow the previous works from this collection here.


Anonymous said...

wow guy, this is fun.. i did something similar with high school classmates when i was in my last year of college.

i stopped because it brought on too many emotions.

and im not joking.

edwinushiro said...

cheer up champ.