Friday, November 28, 2008

Miami x Scion x Edwin Ushiro

What did I do to deserve this? The nice people organizing the Scion art exhibitions invited me to participate in their Scion Installation Tour. Additionally, they will be flying all the participating artists to Miami. Solid!!! I've never been to Miami nor have I really been able to explore the east coast. The Scion Installation Tour will also coincide with Art Basel Miami (the largest art fair in the US). I'll keep you tapped into what craziness goes on. In the meantime, below is my contribution.

"Familiar Kiss of the Underground Sandstorm"
Mixed Media


Anonymous said...

i never got to see this. hot.

shadi said...

awesome piece man! if you don't mind the humidity, miami is great.

edwinushiro said...

Humidity is a friend to the people of Hawaii. Thanks for the props brothers.

Jane Gahng said...

wish i was there!

Anonymous said...

I hope you enjoyed your visit to Miami Beach! Yesterday I purchased one of your pieces at Art Aqua, "Reaching for things which fell down unnoticed." My husband loved it, so I went back on the sly and its now hidden away until his birthday later this month. I know he'll be thrilled. It will make a nice addition to our small, but growing, collection.

Best wishes, Laura from South Beach

edwinushiro said...

Laura, thank you. I hope he get's a kick out of it. I miss your weather.

Anonymous said...

Good Morning Edwin,

My wife surprised me with "Reaching for things which fell down unnoticed" for my birthday yesterday. I was overwhelmed with the thoughtfulness of my wife and the talent of the artist. I would like to invite you to our home for champagne and to see your art in its new environment on your next trip to Miami Beach.


Laura's Husband, Mark

You can reach us through Beau at the gallery

Anonymous said...

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