Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Sketchbook: San Francisco, Las Vegas, Mexico, and Hawaii

With my current sketchbook coming to an end (I have 4 pages to squeeze drawings in), I wanted to share with you a few treasured memories as lines and notes. They were done in San Francisco, Las Vegas, Mexico, and Hawaii.

I love old laundromats. This one is located somewhere in the Haight district of San Francisco.

These were some of the most amazing cloud formations I have every seen overhead in Las Vegas, Nevada. Sketched inside my hotel room at Mandalay Bay.

During a friend's bachelor party, I nerded out some time to sketch a few things in a club on a cruise to Mexico.

Patiently waiting for my flight connection with a holiday destination to Maui, Hawaii. As the lights turn out, Happy Holidays to everyone that reads my blog! Your support warms my heart.


Nimit Malavia said...

beautiful ed!
I love the nightclub sketch...i can't believe you can dance AND draw at the same time!

edwinushiro said...

haha. How are ya, Nimit?

commandax said...

The airplane window is beautiful.

edwinushiro said...

Commandax, you do follow my blog. Now there is a record of it. Thanks!