Thursday, February 11, 2010

Tessar Lo's: "Everything We Wanted, In Our Nostalgic Future"

My brother from another mother and Artist, Tessar Lo just exhibited his first solo exhibition in Canada. The video above is Tessar on Canadian television. You can see his portion at the 18:20 minute mark. His show "Everything We Wanted, In Our Nostalgic Future" is currently on display at Show and Tell Gallery. For your convenience, you can view this exhibition online here. If you are in Toronto check out Tessar Lo's spectacular wonder in person. Oh, and you will also see Nimit Malavia's whimsical drawings there too.

"Everything We Wanted, In Our Nostalgic Future"
a solo exhibition by Tessar Lo
from February 5 - February 28, 2010
at: Show and Tell Gallery
1161 Dundas St. West
Toronto, ON M6J 1X3


D. Bran said...

is this the same guy that shoed at lebass last year?

edwinushiro said...

Yes, he is the one and only Tessar Lo.