Wednesday, October 27, 2010

"The Mini Show" SUCCESS!

 I still can't believe it. So much support poured into our show that evening. I mean cups of it! To be more accurate, around 300 supporters came out for "The Mini Show" to raise $15,000. It was a huge success!!! Thanks to all of the Artists (especially Eli Trinh for making it out by parting ways with his UFC tickets and earlier plans. I hear he is a big UFC fan), Volunteers, Art Collectors, Sponsors, Donors, Media:

Giant Robot
Hustler of Culture
Hi-Fructose Magazine
Erratic Phenomenon
Angry Asian Man
Daily DuJour
Sour Harvest
Art Center College of Design
Sari Makki Photography

and the entire Lai family. You can still score a few remaining paintings. Contact Ming Lai at for availability requests. Then the next question people have been asking all night at the show was: When is the next show? As of now it is slated for 2012. I am excited to hear any suggestions if you would like to share them.

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SoooGood said...

Im gonna start wearing my coats like that, half on half off. If that's how Edwin does, that's how I'm doin it.