Monday, December 06, 2010

"Post-It Show 6" at Giant Robot Los Angeles

 It finally feels like the holiday season. LA is wet, I cant feel my feet and the Post-It Show returns to Giant Robot Los Angeles. Here are 7 drawings I am contributing for this show. They are interpretations of one of my favorite Japanese television shows, Kamen Rider.
 About the Post-It Show: all you really need to know is that all contributors were asked to submit art on a post-it, many of them start at $20.00 each, and it is cash and carry. Meaning once you purchase it, you take it home. So earlier attendees will have the opportunity to purchase from a wider selection of art including: Ana Bagayan, Gary Baseman, Tim Biskup, Dave Cooper, Matt Groening, David Jien, Andrew Hem, Seonna Hong, Ming Ong, Nathan Ota, Souther Salazar, Rob Sato and many more.
 This is my last show in 2010, so it would be so awesome to see you there. Maybe we can get dinner afterwords. Have a safe winter!!!

"Post-It Show 6"
opening reception: Dec. 11
from 6:30PM - 10PM
at: Giant Robot 2 (GR2)
2062 Sawtelle Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90025
(310) 445-9276


Justine said...

wow, these are great! Wish i could be there.

Roxy M said...

Oooh, I call first dibs on the bottom right! :)

starlight said...

I was free that day! But now I have to go to a dinner... SO MAD. SO MAD. I luff the one on the bottom left. and I could have actually afforded it. T.T... Woulda been the best post-it ever in my posession.

edwinushiro said...

Thanks girls! I'm sorry Starlight. You may find some gems that could be discovered the following day. GR is open on Sunday too.