Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Excursion: Culver City Park Interpretive Nature Trail

Across from the Boneyard (dog park) in the Culver City Park, is a long ramp that zigzags up a cliff. This is the Interpretive Nature Trail, a 20 minute trail designed for wheelchair accessibility, the visually impaired and the casual trailblazer. You can even blaze through this trail in slippers, which I did yesterday. I noticed allot of business men and woman taking on the trek during their lunch break. So we will avoid taking their photo.

The trail drops you off at two spectacular images.

 One, a giant sundial.

Two, a 3 point perspective of Culver City, Santa Monica, and Marina Del Rey. Also that reminds me, check out my previous post about another Culver City gem. Now, why did I not notice these sooner? Well, now you know too and I hope you take the time to discover a Culver City treasure.

Culver City Park Interpretive Nature Trail
9700 Jefferson Blvd.
Corner of Duquesne & Jefferson
Culver City, CA 90232


Homer Bernal said...

aahhh.... thanks for sharing. miss this place.

edwinushiro said...

Thanks bro. This place misses you too.

KimLBP said...

Take me with you next time! Let's go jogging =)