Thursday, March 08, 2007

And Once Again ...All Things Were Possible

I should have posted this last week upon it's completion, but work got in the way. Here it is finally. Hope you like it.

"The UB40 Man"
Acrylic & Watercolor


Ana Banana said...

This is beautiful, Edwin. Gorgous! I love some the simple shapes in this piece and the color is just fantastic. the way you've rendered the leaves is really nice...delicate. I also like that there's an idea in this image. I would like to know more about the inspiration behind it, what the piece means to you and so forth -- if you don't mind my asking.


Roland Mechael said...

beautiful delicate work! really love the color and composition!

edwinushiro said...

Hi Ana,
Thanks for asking. This is based on a guy back on Maui that used to drive pass my Grandparents home. He always had UB40 blasting through his soundsystem. And ever since I left, I never saw that guy again. It's just one of those simple things that happen in small towns such as ours. It was a quiet & peaceful childhood.

Ana Banana said...

Maui?! Why did you ever leave? California is nice, but I would imagine that Hawaii is even nicer!

I like the idea of flowers being used as a metaphor here...very nice. And I do get the sense of a quiet and peaceful childhood from this image.