Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Week in Review

Very random things are happening in LA. I've made it a habit to bring along my trusty sketchbook to document such events. First there was this little dive bar where I thought I saw Yoshitaka Amano. Second, met someone who could translate my Russian sticker (thanks Anya). Third, Jeremy Pivens drums at Room 5 Lounge while mass waves of bikers cruise down La Brea. This all contrasted against a laid back stroll in Chinatown on a super-warm Sunday.


echoform said...

your life is too exciting to be contained in a sketchbook...a feature length film is in order.

edwinushiro said...

I am actually editing a documentary I shot last year in SD, where my friend and I were stuck in the downtown district. Should be hillarious once it's done.

Ana Banana said...

Very nice sketches...good gestural quality. I particularly like the last sketch...the off-balance perspective and the color give it character and charm.