Sunday, April 22, 2007


Since emerging from a bad cold I just realized how much I took being healthy for granted. So in the spirit of my new jolt for life, here are a few things I wanted to share with you.

My primary headquarters is this home office. If I'm not here, I'm either at the production office, film set, or Barnes & Nobles. I am slowly going blind staring into monitors all day long. Even though it pains my eye balls, the enjoyment of creating artwork for clients, friends and myself is priceless.

The beach, well what can I say... I'm from Maui. I started to surf about 2 years ago. I can ride a wave via the white wash. It's not a pretty sight but I get a real kick out of it. Otherwise, when business or life gets hectic I take time out of my day to visit the ocean. My phone is turned off and I bask in the peace I find here.

You might think this is hila- rious. These stickers are a record of how much apples I've eaten. The group above is from 2006. Below is 2007. My goal is to surpass last years intake. Wish me luck & thanks for reading.


jack said...

insightful. thanx for exposing us into the ushiro world.

Ana Banana said...

Thanks for the peek into your world, Edwin. Nice office, by the way. So, you can actually go in the water down there without turning into icicle?

edwinushiro said...

Thank you Ana. The water near me is Santa Monica. It's not too clean and not too warm. I just returned from Maui. That's the way all beaches should be. 70 degrees, clear, + perfect.