Friday, November 23, 2007

Japan: Median

Picking up and going is the harshest part for me as a traveler. Leaving, knowing there could have been more laughs and tears made goodbyes difficult to begin. It was Yamaguchi, (the platform for our reunion with my Ushiro relatives which is also the hometown of my Great Grandfather) then Hanyu (to visit my Uncle, Aunty & cousins), as we shot out to visit Tokyo (with my cousin as guide: Harajuku, Shibuya, Marunochi, Ropponngi, & Shinjuku) and Misawa (to share a few days with my Grandma & relatives). Traveling vast plateau in short amounts of time became analogous to the blurry images of neighboring cities we stared at from the Shinkansen window. In one week, my Father and Brother met our Japan Ushiro-side relatives for the first time, fished off a pier & collectively catching 7 for a nice breakfast, visited many museums, Hiroshima, white water rafting, attended nightly cat fight scrimmages, and all the while eating great sushi. Then it was off to Hokkaido. Stay tuned!

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you're like a hawaiian huell howser.