Friday, September 17, 2010

Did it, Bag it, Own it!

 Thank goodness I won the Trader Joe's raffle earlier this month. Look at all my free groceries. This was due to the raffle which is held weekly. If you bring your own bags, the cashier will give you a raffle ticket to fill out. Then you will be entered into their weekly raffle for a Trader Joe's gift certificate.
 If I remember correctly, winners were supposed to get their photo taken, like in Vegas, or when you eat a gigantic bowl of ramen in 1 hour. I guess they don't do that anymore. Dang it! And I already forgot the secret raffle winner hand shake the store manager taught me.


Hungry Hungry Sumo said...

Wait... they do this?! Why did I not know about this?! I want free groceries too!

Congrats on the winning raffle ticket ;) I personally don't like to have my photo taken so thank goodness they don't do that anymore cause if SF has the raffle... i'm gonna win it!

sophan said...

looks like next street fighter session were having chicken quesadilla. horray!!!!!!

edwinushiro said...

Bet your life on it Sophan!

Wazzup Hungry Sumo? How was SDCC?

Hungry Hungry Sumo said...

Edwin: It was pretty fun, but not as fun as when you were in town :D

leigh said...

happy to know someone actually wins the tj raffle after filling out so many, many slips at checkout time.

enjoy your tj goodies! next time scoop up a bag of chocolate covered, peanut butter filled pretzels - super 'ono!

kim said...

wow. people actually win this?! gonna try bringing my bag again.